For us, there’s nothing we like more than starting a new project with a client, and making their vision come to fruition. 

We have outlined the process we generally follow below, but we’re open to working around your arrangement, and what other suppliers you have. Sometimes you may need us right from the start, other times your interior designer might bring us in later on - either way, get in touch with your next project and let’s see what we can do!

Process Coloured v2.png

The Enhance  promise doesn't stop with the goods. We also offer to take care of the entire installation process! A smart, efficient way to save on time, money and stress. 

We realise that it's not enough to wash our hands of a project as soon as the installation is complete. So if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be more than happy to help out. And don't forget our 5 year manufacturer's warranty against all defective goods! 

This is where the magic happens! As well as choosing colours, materials and layouts, we can also source accessories. We offer custom solutions to any problems you’re facing, and help create the type of space and feel you’re after. Here at Enhance, we challenge ourselves to come up with the most cost-efficient, space-saving designs possible! 

The best place to start, is the start. This is where we get clear on the client's budget, time frame and requirements. We work with the client (that’s you!) on clarifying what you’d like from us, and what extra value we can add. 


We can also provide photo realistic renders, which are great multi-purpose assets to have. Previous clients have been able to use them on their website, and for marketing, which ultimately let’s them get a jump on advertising and sales. 

All furniture is manufactured at our own factory in Dargaville New Zealand. Enhance Furniture has close to 20 years' experience of furniture manufacturing and a factory covering 6000 square metres, making it one of New Zealand's leading furniture manufacturers.